Chicken and grape salad with honey walnut dressing (Serves 4)


  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 4 chicken breast fillets
  • 250g seedless grapes, halved lengthways
  • 250g green beens, halved
  • 2 red oak lettuces, washed dried, torn
  • 160g blue cheese
  • Dressing
  • 1/4c olive oil
  • 1/2c walnut pieces
  • 1/4c white wine vinegar
  • 1 1/2 tbs honey
  • salt and pepper


  1. Dressing
  2. Toast walnuts and then place in jug with oil, leave to cool. Add vinegar and honey and whisk with a fork until well combined.
  3. Salad
  4. Cook chicken in frying pan. Cool and slice against the grin. Add grapes to pan for 5 minutes until heated through.
  5. Meanwhile, cook beans in saucepan of boiling salted water for 3 mins, refresh under cool water.
  6. Arrange salad on plate.

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