Breakfast which isn’t really breakfast

Some of our family were in town over the weekend and they were staying in the city so we met them at the Paramount Coffee Project for breakfast.

It is in Surry Hills, walking distance from the city and set in the foyer space of Paramount House. It’s a lovely open cafe with soaring ceilings, concrete ¬†floors and many different areas and seating options to suit their customers. They also have a variety of business which share the space. Last time we visited there was a bike shop, this time a bustling market stall with people leaving with calico bags overflowing with fresh green leaves.

The menu is not your normal bacon and egg breakfast – it’s breakfast that pushes the boundaries of the definition of the first meal of they day. I’m fine with that – I can make bacon and eggs at home. My meal was chicken thigh fried to the colour of molasses, covered in a thick and flavoursome Japanese curry sauce and served over a face sized waffle. Stuart enjoyed his kinda small banh mi and would have left hungry if he didn’t have the chance to eat the leftover food from the plates of his nieces.

The nieces and nephew loved their milkshakes and the big people loved them too. With flavours like peanut butter and chocolate, and Nutella and pistachio they are not your average milkshake!

Paramount Coffee Project is a great place to visit with kids (or without!) to enjoy a great cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast-that-isnt-really-breakfast.

Paramount Coffee Project
80 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills

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