Vietnamese pork rolls

A tiny, slightly dodgy looking shop front in what used to be a public toilet does not sound like a place where you would find delicious food. I am a firm believer that in order to find the best Asian food you need to learn to appreciate the mystery and have a sense of adventure, so take a breath and make your way to the Vietnamese Pork Roll shop.

The prices have gone up a whole 50 cents since we moved here and the queues have increased but the quality and value is still outstanding. Word is getting out about these pork rolls and it’s no surprise because lunch for $4.50 is a bargain! The rolls are super fresh and wonderfully tasty with the perfect balance between crusty bread, pate, mayonnaise, crunchy vegetables, mystery meat, mystery powder and mystery dressing.

The display cabinet is overflowing with fresh vegetables, bbq pork and a selection of meats which are piled high into a French style baguette and squashed and bagged with real skill. The ladies behind the counter work furiously stuffing roll after roll in a well rehearsed silent performance, which is impressive given the small space they work in! I always order the bbq pork roll with chilli but I never end up with bbq pork in my sandwich. If someone can share the secret of what I actually need to order to end up with bbq pork on my bbq pork roll I would be most grateful. Instead I end up with layers of said mystery meat, delicious, but I think it best the ingredients remain a secret.

Lining up is part of the experience, the queue moves quickly and before you know it your order has been taken, money exchanged and a plastic bag with your lunch is swung your way. There isn’t any seating available, so plan a picnic or munch and wander the streets and try not to get crumbs all over your shirt. I don’t know why these rolls taste so good, but I think the layers of mystery (meat) definitely help.

Marrickville Pork Roll
236a Illawarra Road, Marrickville

Marrickville Pork Roll


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