The Pie Tin

Unfortunately this is all that was left from our visit to The Pie Tin. Tucked away in a side street off busy King St sits a small but bustling cafe. I had heard about “The Pie that ate  Newtown” so that’s what we went for, but there was so much more!

An extensive array of savoury pies are on offer which you can have served with regular or sweet potato fries, or a variety of salads. We kind of over did things and ordered both types of fries and salads and it was waaay too much food. The pies have flaky pastry and are filled with chunky, flavourful fillings. You are supposed to eat the pies with your hands and I always make a mess when I do that. I think Stu was slightly embarrassed.

The sweet potato fries were 10 times better than the regular fries and one serving between two would have been plenty. We ordered salads for a hint of healthy but we would have been better just to enjoy the pie and chips instead! The pies were so good I forgot to take a photo while we were there – whoops.

We were stuffed, so dessert was takeaway. The Pie that ate Newtown is the biggest apple pie I have ever seen but we (Stuart) decided to go for Rocky Road pie to go instead. The changing menu means we will definitely be back. With so many more pies to try The Pie Tin deserves to be a regular on your radar.

The Pie Tin
1a Brown St, Newtown

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