The Hub House Diner

I didn’t feel like cooking on Friday night, and since Stuart doesn’t cook without appropriate project planning, scoping and inventory analysis, it was a night for take away.

I have been craving a US style burger since we returned, but I was hesitant to try one because I wasn’t sure it was going to stack up. We have eaten at the Hub House Diner before as it’s a short stroll from our house, and I did enjoy my cheeseburger in the past… but now I have had a “real” cheeseburger, would I still feel the same?

We ordered two burgers and fries, Stuart also impulse purchased 5 wings and slaw too. Sitting at home on a Friday night, eating burgers and fries while watching Revenge was thoroughly satisfying. The burgers were full of flavour, and the fries were just perfect despite the short trip home – crunchy and salty on the outside and soft on the inside.

Stuart and I don’t eat out often, because we are budget concious and I enjoy cooking most days. If are are going to eat out, it needs to be good. Hub House Diner always is.


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