Waterman’s Lobster Co

Lobster. From The Atlantic Ocean. On a roll. In Potts Point.

This definitely doesn’t align with my eat local, shop local food philosophy but I put my ethics aside and ventured to Waterman’s Lobster Co with Mum for a special lunch. Waterman’s Lobster Co is a fancy restaurant located in a busy pedestrian alley in Potts Point (great for people watching!). We booked for lunch on a Saturday but didn’t need to as the restaurant wasn’t that busy when we visited.

Mum and I were there on a mission, so the decision was simple. We ordered one Connecticut style roll (with butter) and one Maine style roll (with celery and mayo) to split and share. With a side of chips and pickles our order was done and then we could sit back and watch the slow tide of humanity stroll/wheel/limp/saunter/stumble past our table.

Our meals arrived in no time and the glistening mounds of lobster sitting astride a soft bun was a sight to behold! The portions are adequate not generous, and I’m OK with that because I would prefer to leave satisfied with a clean plate than stuffed with food left behind.

I’m not sure what type of bread the rolls are but they are something else – innocuous enough to allow the lobster to be the star, but still a really awesome part of the back up band and necessary for the success of the show. We were also given a couple of flavoured salts which I didn’t know what to do with – were they for the chips or the rolls? I wasn’t sure so I gave my roll a tentative sprinkle.

I enjoyed the experience but I won’t be rushing back for round two. It’s nice. It’s a bit different. However, if I’m going to drive 60 minutes for a return visit then the experience needs to be pretty amazing. It also seems unnecessarily extravagant to fly lobsters from the US to Australia – are most people really going to be able to taste the difference between lobsters with an American accent versus ones who speak Australian? Probably not.

Waterman’s Lobster Co
5/29 Orwell St, Potts Point


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