Home made satay

I had a really productive cooking afternoon on Sunday. I love a day in the kitchen (when my mood is right!)

I made a big batch of satay sauce, and put some chicken thigh into the fridge to marinate for an easy mid week meal. The best satay sauce receipe I have found is Poh’s. If you have a whizzer it is really easy to make. The only time consuming bit is waiting for it to cook down to the correct consistency, and getting the seasoning right.

All I had to do after work was skewer the chicken and set it on on the bbq, cook some rice and prepare the vegetables. I served it with cabbage, lightly steamed beans, cucumber and red onion for crunch and colour.

The dinner was awesome, unfortunately the photography is not. The satay sauce in the wok just looked like brown sludge, and then I only had my phone handy so the photos of the finished product aren’t ideal. Just be glad Stu put a shirt on, and make satay sauce next Sunday!

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