Hidden gem in Marrickville

Friends were in town last weekend, so it was an opportunity for us to brunch on Saturday morning. West Juliette in Marrickville is too cool to have signage, but you can tell there are delicious things coming from the kitchen and coffee machine when there is a queue at 10am in the morning.

When we first moved to Sydney I refused to queue for food. However, I soon figured out that it’s just what you have to do for a great plate that is going to be as good or better than what I can cook at home. I take snacks (or eat something small before I go!) to tide me over so I don’t get hangry and end up with food envy because I ordered a dud dish. Pro tip. You’re welcome.

West Juliette serve rustic, wholesome food on beautifully solid pottery plates. The coffee and chai tea are delicious and the service is friendly and unpretentious which is not always a given in Sydney. I have tried the olive oil fried egg (why does that sound so much more delicious than just plain fried?) with braised lentils and morcilla and it was so good, even though I didn’t know what morcilla was until I found it on my plate! This time I had the mushrooms with a poached egg and mountain of water cress I never know how to eat daintily. I just kept my head down and munched through it, as it was stuck between my fork and my lips. I’m sure no one saw…

Try to arrive early (or pack snacks!) so you can enjoy this lovely spot. The food here is delicious. We shouldn’t need the excuse of friends visiting to enjoy it!

West Juliette
30 Llewellyn St, Marrickville



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