Dearly Delicious

I look myself out for breakfast this morning because Sir Stu had neglected to do the dishes so there wasn’t much room in the kitchen for me to make breakfast. That’s part of it and if I am honest the other part is that I didn’t really¬†feel like making myself breakfast so the messy kitchen was an excuse to try a new cafe.

Dear Delicious opened up in Dulwich Hill mid to late last year and it only recently made it on my radar. The cafe fit out is beautifully simple and welcoming, with exposed brick walls and big windows to watch the world go by which is perfect when you are dining alone. I had a book with me but found myself staring out the window and making stories up about the people walking past (do you do that too?!)

The menu changes frequently based on the seasons and what can be sourced from their garden. I felt terribly healthy and superior when I ordered the soft mushrooms, crispy kale and pearl couscous with a poached egg or two and knobs of bread hidden on the plate. The bread soaked up the mushroom juice and oil on the plate which was delicious (I just wished there was more!). The kale was slightly crisped so it softened into the juices which was really comforting. The coffee was great as well.

I enjoyed my visit to Dear Delicious and the evolving menu will keep me returning. Apparently the baked offerings are delicious so I will be back to try those too!

Dear Delicious
245 Wardell Road, Dulwich Hill

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