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Spinach kofta in yoghurt sauce Dine in

Last night’s dinner was Spinach koftas in a yoghurt sauce. I am obviously continuing the trend of meat free meals, and Stuart seconds of this as well! I have had besan flour in my cupboard for a while. I can’t remember why I bought it but I have managed to use it twice in the past week. It worked surprisingly well to bind the kofta, and also thickened the yoghurt sauce nicely. The only thing I would do differently is to make less sauce. I know that traditionally sauces were used to make the meal go further but we just...

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Roast tomato and thyme tart Dine in

I am trying to increase the frequency of our meat free meals, for the reasons of budget and health. I know I have done well if Sir “it’s not a meal without meat” gets seconds. This tart was a hit! As it’s Sunday, I took the time to make my own pastry. My favourite tart recipe is Maggie Beer’s sour cream pastry. I usually rub the butter into the flour with my fingers as I find it relaxing, but this time I used the whizzer and the pastry took no more than 10 minutes to make and put into the...

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The Hub House Diner Dine in

I didn’t feel like cooking on Friday night, and since Stuart doesn’t cook without appropriate project planning, scoping and inventory analysis, it was a night for take away. I have been craving a US style burger since we returned, but I was hesitant to try one because I wasn’t sure it was going to stack up. We have eaten at the Hub House Diner before as it’s a short stroll from our house, and I did enjoy my cheeseburger in the past… but now I have had a “real” cheeseburger, would I still feel the same? We ordered two burgers...

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Home made satay Dine in

I had a really productive cooking afternoon on Sunday. I love a day in the kitchen (when my mood is right!) I made a big batch of satay sauce, and put some chicken thigh into the fridge to marinate for an easy mid week meal. The best satay sauce receipe I have found is Poh’s. If you have a whizzer it is really easy to make. The only time consuming bit is waiting for it to cook down to the correct consistency, and getting the seasoning right. All I had to do after work was skewer the chicken and set...

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