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Showdown mushroom omelette Dine in

Cooking omelettes have traditionally been Stu’s domain as one thing he offers to do for me (in addition to always asking me if I want floss when once a week he heads upstairs at 8.30pm to grab said floss so he can multitask while watching GoT). Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of Stu’s omelettes as they always have absolutely everything he can find in the fridge. Bacon, spinach, mushroom, capsicum, cheese, tomatoes plus a huge number of eggs to bind it all together. It ends up being a massive egg stew (!) on my plate which I have no hope of finishing. We usually...

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Eggs three ways Dine in

I used to say that I can cook but I can’t boil an egg. Boiling an egg was (in theory) the first thing you learned in the kitchen but it was something I found difficult to master. Too many variables! Egg size. Egg temperature. Water temperature. Timing. End result – unknown until you crack the top. Egg yolk – solid, runny or too far gone with an unappealing ring of green. White just set and perky or with the consistently of the snot from a runny nose. I am proud to say that I can now raise my slotted spoon...

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