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  • The Grumpy Barista

    The Grumpy Barista

    The Grumpy Barista is a great name for a cafe – if the staff are having a bad day you think to yourself “Well, we were warned,” and if the staff are pleasant it’s a lovely surprise! The cafe sits on a corner of a kinda busy street in Petersham right near the train station…

  • The Majestic at Petersham

    The Majestic at Petersham

    I was mesmerised by this grand old cinema when we first moved to our new ‘hood in in the inner west of Sydney. Every time we drove past I peered out the window to admire the beautiful facade and let my mind wander to the stories the walls would tell. I’m so glad it has…

  • Portuguese festival in Petersham

    Portuguese festival in Petersham

    My eyes smarted and nose tingled from the barbecue smoke which filled the air. I wandered through the market stalls selling delicious Portuguese treats to the sounds of Portuguese beats. A lovely way to spend an hour on Sunday afternoon.