Sculptures by the Sea Uncategorized

Sculptures by the Sea is an amazing (and free!) annual art festival held in November. You to walk from Bondi to Bronte to┬áTamarama beach, admire the view and appreciate the art installations along the way. My brother was in town for a bit so I took him to see it. We battled the crowds, enjoyed the view, and devoured an amazing bagel from Glicks.  

What do you pack when you travel? Uncategorized

My mum packs home made pate and a Buddha’s hand. Mum is staying with us for a week, so she can write and we can see the opera Aida on Sydney harbour. In her luggage, was this strangely beautiful fruit called a Buddha’s hand. It has a sweet, lemon blossom aroma and no juice or fruit. You can use the zest and mum sliced off a finger to flavour baked quinces. It’s a pretty spectacular looking fruit that makes me smile. It also makes your clothes smell lovely too, so it’s not a bad idea to pack one when you...

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I’m a card carrying member… of the local library Uncategorized

Which is lucky because I couldn’t sustain my reading habit if I had to buy books all the books I read in a month. I went a little crazy making reservations last week and they all arrived in at once… so I will be busy for a while. I have started Priscilla, so far so good!

Portuguese festival in Petersham Uncategorized

My eyes smarted and nose tingled from the barbecue smoke which filled the air. I wandered through the market stalls selling delicious Portuguese treats to the sounds of Portuguese beats. A lovely way to spend an hour on Sunday afternoon.

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