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Sculptures by the Sea Uncategorized

Sculptures by the Sea is an amazing (and free!) annual art festival held in November. You to walk from Bondi to Bronte to Tamarama beach, admire the view and appreciate the art installations along the way. My brother was in town for a bit so I took him to see it. We battled the crowds, enjoyed the view, and devoured an amazing bagel from Glicks.  

The best laksa Dine in

Laksa is a very popular spicy, noodle soup and like most great dishes everyone has a variation which they think is superior! My version of course comes from Plenty More, my go to recipe book for vegetarian meals that are guaranteed to pass muster with Mr “It’s not a meal without meat”. I love the coconut curry broth version of laksa and find the flavours really comforting and nourishing (as my Grandma would describe any good soup, but I’m pretty sure she has never had one like this!) Asian cooking is all about balance between hot, salty, sour and sweet...

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Moving and globe artichokes with crushed peas Dine in

It’s been a little while between posts because we have been moving house.  Project “Clean Out The Fridge, Freezer and Pantry” was initiated so we had less stuff to move which resulted in not very exciting cooking for a few weeks while we cleaned things out. The freezer was particularly full and one night when Stu was on his haunches foraging for dinner I heard exclamations and bags landing on the floor as he discovered my stash of parmesan rinds, herbs, spices, random pieces of bread, bread crumbs as well as quinces, mangoes and bananas. Rather than waste food I generally stick it in...

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A secret dinner at The Farmed Table Dine out

I am at a loss for words – I don’t know what I can write to give justice to how awesome this dinner was. Location. Atmosphere. Drinks. Food. Company. It was so good. Easily one of the best dining experiences I have had in Sydney. The Farmed Table is Brendan Cato – chef and forager focused on ethical and sustainable food. The concept is simple – bringing people together over a meal which showcases seasonal local produce and products from a particular region. With the exception of olive oil, if it isn’t grown or made within a 40km radius of the region...

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Ricotta and kale gnocchi with roasted tomato sauce Dine in

I know I have made a winning vegetarian dish when Sir Stuart (“It’s not a meal without meat”) helps himself to seconds. And thirds. This is one of those recipes, delicious, easy to prepare, one tray bake, it certainly ticks a lot of boxes! The leftovers also freeze and reheat well, so make enough for leftovers for another lunch or dinner. I have made potato gnocchi before – it is time consuming and not always successful (I have inadvertently made potato soup a couple of times when the gnocchi disintegrated in the cooking water).  This was my first time with ricotta...

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