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Waterman’s Lobster Co Dine in

Lobster. From The Atlantic Ocean. On a roll. In Potts Point. This definitely doesn’t align with my eat local, shop local food philosophy but I put my ethics aside and ventured to Waterman’s Lobster Co with Mum for a special lunch. Waterman’s Lobster Co is a fancy restaurant located in a busy pedestrian alley in Potts Point (great for people watching!). We booked for lunch on a Saturday but didn’t need to as the restaurant wasn’t that busy when we visited. Mum and I were there on a mission, so the decision was simple. We ordered one Connecticut style roll (with...

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Berry crumble Dine in

I love dessert with fruit for many reasons and this recipe is particularly good. Decadent and delicious but on the edge of healthy so I don’t feel at all guilty for having seconds! It is easy to prepare ahead if you are having guests over for dinner – make the crumble topping and store in the freezer and have the berries sitting on the bench oozing and jamming together while you wine and dine your guests. Of course you can use the crumble topping for other fruit combinations as long as you use the same proportions (I’m pretty sure in...

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Home made muesli Dine in

This is the only recipe you will ever need for muesli/granola/breakfast deliciousness. It is the perfect mix of salty and sweet with the nourishing combination of rolled oats, nuts and seeds that you can comfortably tweak based on what you have on hand in your pantry. I make my muesli without dried fruit because I find that it stores better and stays crunchier for longer and you can always add it when serving.  The olive oil and salt may seem a bit weird but the savoury notes of this muesli are what make it special. Feel free to cut down...

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Rockmelon and prosciutto salad Dine in

Rockmelon and prosciutto is a classic combination but this salad was not something that Stu was particularly excited about trying. My first experience with rockmelon and prosciutto was in France when it was served by my host mother and it seemed very exotic to a country girl from Australia! A sliver of rockmelon with the skin, placed on a plate with thin slice of prosciutto. That’s it. I ate the rockmelon with a knife and fork, piercing the fruit and slowly slicing along the skin to release a piece of tender and sweet rockmelon which contrasts beautifully with the salty prosciutto....

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Simple salmon parcels Dine in

We were having friends over for dinner on a school night and I had grand plans of making roast chicken but… traffic was bad (it takes the longest time to travel the shortest distance in Sydney), the sapphire fell out of my engagement ring and time was marching on so by the time I arrived home I had no interest in making anything complicated! I was first introduced to cooking en papillote (meaning in parchment) when I was living in France. It is basically dinner in a bag – all your ingredients are wrapped in paper/foil and baked. It’s a...

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