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Jerk chicken and home made flat bread Dine in

Stuart took himself shopping while I was working interstate and came home with ice cream, orange juice, chocolate and corn on the cob. Not to the standard of my usual weekly shop but as the corn was still in the fridge on my return I had to use it up so I decided to make jerk chicken. The spicy marinade and crispy charcoal skin made my taste buds very happy, and with corn on the cob and 10 minute home made flat breads, dinner was done! Ingredients Jerk chicken 1 tbs allspice berries 1 tbs black peppercorns 1 tbs dried chilli flakes...

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Meze plates Dine in

I spent a very productive Sunday afternoon in the kitchen cooking from Plenty More (again!) in preparation for the work week ahead. I made a number of dishes (enough to feed an army, as it turns out) to bring out of the fridge during the week to serve with kofta. We ended up eating it for most of the week but neither of us minded because the mix of flavours was so good! I made crushed carrots with harissa and pistachios, fava (yellow split pea paste with capers and caramelised onion) and the winning dish mixed vegetables and yoghurt with...

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Home made tomato soup Dine in

I had a hankering for tomato soup when I was in the supermarket the other day so I wheeled over to the the cans of Heinz tomato soup, picked one up and turned the label around to look at the ingredients. Yikes. I couldn’t understand much of it so I put the can back and decided to make it myself. Soup is the perfect lazy dinner because once you have softened your veggies, the rest of the time it is simmering away taking care of itself (as an aside, someone was telling me once about a soup maker, an appliance which basically...

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The Grumpy Barista Dine out

The Grumpy Barista is a great name for a cafe – if the staff are having a bad day you think to yourself “Well, we were warned,” and if the staff are pleasant it’s a lovely surprise! The cafe sits on a corner of a kinda busy street in Petersham right near the train station and is clearly a place where locals love to meet. Stu and I were preparing to go and lingering over the dregs of our coffee when two gentleman took a seat on the stools beside us and were soon joined by a well dressed couple...

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Rhubarb compote Dine in

Rhubarb is a misunderstood rebel with an uncool vibe but when you move past the exterior there is a lot to like. It’s a vegetable, but you usually eat it for dessert (it can be pickled, I’m yet to try that) and the leaves contain poisonous substances like oxalic acid so are best avoided. However, when the crimson stalks are chopped into chunks and cooked with a bit of sugar until the silky strands of rhubarb begin to separate and swim in the ruby-red syrup, it’s delicious. Rhubarb is great on its own with a bit of cream or yoghurt (and...

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