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  • Healthy Thai pork larb

    Healthy Thai pork larb

    We are now in Autumn so it should be cooling down but I don’t think the weather in Sydney got the message – most days are still above 30 degrees C and the nights are still sticky without a cooling breeze. I wasn’t in the mood for a hot dinner and Stuart was going to be…

  • Sticky sesame pork meatballs with soba noodles

    Sticky sesame pork meatballs with soba noodles

    If you have every wondered what the red chilli powder on your table at a Japanese restaurant is, it’s called shichimi togarashi and it is delicious. Shichimi togarashi is a spice blend generally made with red chilli pepper, Japanese pepper, black sesame seed, white sesame seed, hemp seed, ground ginger and dried seaweed which you…