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  • Coconut, pumpkin, spinach and lentil soup

    Coconut, pumpkin, spinach and lentil soup

    After spending 3 days cooped up in a hotel at a work conference, eating very average buffet food and subsisting in rooms without fresh air or natural light I could not think of anything better than a big bowl of vegetable soup for dinner when I got home. This recipe is a combination of others…

  • Flattened tandoori roasted chicken

    Flattened tandoori roasted chicken

    If you haven’t done a “flat-roast” chicken yet, now is your time! The chicken cooks more quickly compared to the traditional method and the meat still stays moist, so it’s perfect for a school night dinner. This recipe for tandoori roasted chicken is super simple to pull together and if you have time, prepare the…