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Cinnamon scrolls Dine in

Whipping up a batch of these cinnamon scrolls made me feel like a rock star – they look super complicated (but they really aren’t) and they while they are baking they smell good enough to wake a sleeping giant. Mum used to make a version of these when we were kids, studded with walnuts and sticky with brown sugar. This recipe is from my favourite food blog/magazine Lucky Peach that is doing a series on home recipes called “We love Mom”. The recipe made enough for two batches so I froze the second mid rise for a rainy day. The frosting is...

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Mary’s Newtown Dine out

As I am walking into Mary’s and my eyes are adjusting to the dim lighting my ears are assaulted with loud obnoxious metal music. It is 1.30pm on Sunday afternoon, perhaps too late to line up for lunch but definitely too early for this. I feel seedy in a place which has a church like ambience with high ceilings and exposed beams juxtaposed with too-loud-for a-conversation music. We join the queue (clearly we aren’t the only ones up for a cheeky burger and chips late on Sunday) and patiently wait single file in the stairs as well balanced waiters clomp up the...

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Head to The Bach (bro) Dine out

This is why I came. Hokey pokey creme brulee. The Bach opened a couple of months ago so I wanted the hype to die down a tad until we ventured inside. I have Kiwi heritage so the concept and menu really excited me (and our Kiwi friends). For the uninitiated, a bach is a traditional, modest Kiwi holiday home usually by the sea. This place is certainly a nice escape from the hustle on King St! We were unable to make a reservation for 4 on a Saturday night, so while we were having a drink at Cittavino Stu wandered across...

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The Majestic at Petersham Dine out

I was mesmerised by this grand old cinema when we first moved to our new ‘hood in in the inner west of Sydney. Every time we drove past I peered out the window to admire the beautiful facade and let my mind wander to the stories the walls would tell. I’m so glad it has been lovingly restored to give a new generation of people a chance to interact with the space. The appropriately named Majestic Theatre was built in 1921 and in a past life was a roller skating rink. It has reopened as a gourmet food store selling...

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Beef lasagne Dine in

Beef lasagne is a favourite of mine for a few reasons, it hides heaps of vegetables, if you’re making one you may as well make a big one, it freezes well and it’s great for guests. I make extra bolognaise sauce and freeze that too for an easy mid week meal. The trouble with my lasagne though is I cook by feel now, never by a recipe so every one I make is different (and some turn out better than others!) The tricky bit is getting the liquid ratio of the mince and white sauce “just right” and not too wet...

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