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Golden syrup self saucing pudding Dine in

The wind is roaring outside my window. Branches are whipping violently in the wind and the rain alternates between torrential and steady. At times the wind is so strong I can hear more than just the leaves moving and the house creaking. It’s a whistle followed by a long, slow grumble – the sound of a crotchety old man combined with the speed of a gazelle. It’s lovely to watch from inside my house… and I plan to remain safely ensconced¬†for the rest of today. Winter has finally arrived and it’s my favourite time of year to cook. Casseroles cooking...

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Chocolate self saucing pudding Dine in

There is something magical about making a self saucing pudding. Somehow a mixture of batter, sugar and hot water turns into a wonderfully moist pudding with a delicious thick sauce. Minimum effort for maximum results! The trick is to find the right size dish for your recipe, it needs to be big enough to allow for the pudding to expand, but not so big that you end up with a thin strip of pudding like one puts vegemite on toast. I make the batter in advance with the sugar and cocoa sprinkled on top and set it aside on the...

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