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Creamy tuna lasagne Dine in

I was a bit skeptical about this recipe until I made it and ate it – I can assure you that it is decadent, creamy and yum and even Stuart who isn’t generally a fan of canned tuna wolfed it down. I seem to always focus on the practicalities of food and there are a few pots involved in the making of this but the end product is worth the washing up. You can also make the lasagne in oven proof foil containers and freeze it uncooked for an easy mid week meal. Ingredients 1/2 brown onion 125g butter 400g mushrooms,...

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Beef lasagne Dine in

Beef lasagne is a favourite of mine for a few reasons, it hides heaps of vegetables, if you’re making one you may as well make a big one, it freezes well and it’s great for guests. I make extra bolognaise sauce and freeze that too for an easy mid week meal. The trouble with my lasagne though is I cook by feel now, never by a recipe so every one I make is different (and some turn out better than others!) The tricky bit is getting the liquid ratio of the mince and white sauce “just right” and not too wet...

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