Month: February 2016

  • Creamy tuna lasagne

    Creamy tuna lasagne

    I was a bit skeptical about this recipe until I made it and ate it – I can assure you that it is decadent, creamy and yum and even Stuart who isn’t generally a fan of canned tuna wolfed it down. I seem to always focus on the practicalities of food and there are a few […]

  • Easy red velvet cupcakes

    Easy red velvet cupcakes

    This recipe is from a friend of mine (aren’t the best ones always from people you know?!) and it’s really easy and really good. You can make it in one bowl if you wash the bowl while the cupcakes are in the oven, so that means one less reason not to make them! These cupcakes have […]

  • Roasted salmon with sumac and whipped feta

    Roasted salmon with sumac and whipped feta

    While Stuart was still in Amsterdam a friend and I ate at Pony at The Rocks before watching Jose Gonzales play his beautiful music at the Sydney Opera House. I always try to read a restaurant menu before dining out – just to get my tastebuds going (and it makes decisions much easier!) The sumac roasted […]

  • Beetroot leaf and basil pesto pasta

    Beetroot leaf and basil pesto pasta

    My grandma grew most of the fruit and vegetables she needed and she always used to say “shame to waste it”. If it didn’t end up on the plate, in a soup or stock then the scraps were turned into compost and used to fertilise her next crop. Unfortunately I have no garden nor compost pile, […]

  • Stuff on bread

    Stuff on bread

    I have (unfortunately) settled back into Sydney and returned to work after our wonderful trip to Amsterdam and I have fallen into my normal summer breakfast routine of muesli, natural yoghurt and fresh fruit. Our daily breakfast while we were in Amsterdam was rye bread topped with a slice of cheddar cheese (there were seemingly hundreds of […]