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Rockmelon and prosciutto salad Dine in

Rockmelon and prosciutto is a classic combination but this salad was not something that Stu was particularly excited about trying. My first experience with rockmelon and prosciutto was in France when it was served by my host mother and it seemed very exotic to a country girl from Australia! A sliver of rockmelon with the skin, placed on a plate with thin slice of prosciutto. That’s it. I ate the rockmelon with a knife and fork, piercing the fruit and slowly slicing along the skin to release a piece of tender and sweet rockmelon which contrasts beautifully with the salty prosciutto....

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Reuben Republic Dine in

We discovered real Reuben sandwiches in New York and they were a revelation. Thick slices of rye bread with a stack of slow cooked corned meat and/or pastrami with slaw or a pickle and mayo is a (large) slice of heaven. When we returned we went to a wine bar in Sydney that also served Rueben sandwiches and our friend ordered one. The sandwich was delivered with one slice of pastrami, more bread than meat. One slice. That’s not a Rueben! I had steered clear of them since then until I heard this place served the real thing. We were...

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Lemon yoghurt cake Desserts / Dine in

I make this lemon cake when I need a sweet treat that uses one bowl and takes no time to make. Most of the ingredients I have on hand and if I don’t, I have made substitutions with equal success. Vegetable or rice bran oil, even a smidge of olive oil in a pinch. Yoghurt, buttermilk, sour cream, smidge of milk to spin it out – totally fine! One bowl means hardly any washing up, so there really aren’t any excuses not to make it! The crumb is moist and light, with a sharp lemon tang balanced with some sweetness. The...

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Hidden gem in Marrickville Dine out

Friends were in town last weekend, so it was an opportunity for us to brunch on Saturday morning. West Juliette in Marrickville is too cool to have signage, but you can tell there are delicious things coming from the kitchen and coffee machine when there is a queue at 10am in the morning. When we first moved to Sydney I refused to queue for food. However, I soon figured out that it’s just what you have to do for a great plate that is going to be as good or better than what I can cook at home. I take snacks (or eat...

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Our favourite wine bar Dine out

If you are walking down Enmore road, you may walk straight past Cittavino and I kinda hope you do. I say that because it’s a small bar with charm and I want it to stay that way. We have been popping in occassionally since early last year and it is getting busier every time we return. Marco always seems to remember us, we are made to feel welcome and that’s why we keep going back. The concept is simple. White, rose and red wines are on offer from all around Australia and the world and you can buy by the...

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