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Duck stock Dine in

I was channelling my Grandma when I decided to make duck stock from the duck bones, as she would say “it’s a shame to waste it.” Making stock doesn’t take much effort, just time. Leave the pot bubbling away while you do something else! I placed the bones in a roasting pan and put it in the oven at about 180C. This step will give your stock a more pronounced flavour and colour, which is preferable to an insipid shade of beige! After the duck has been in there for about 20 minutes, add a chopped onion with skin and...

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Spinach kofta in yoghurt sauce Dine in

Last night’s dinner was Spinach koftas in a yoghurt sauce. I am obviously continuing the trend of meat free meals, and Stuart seconds of this as well! I have had besan flour in my cupboard for a while. I can’t remember why I bought it but I have managed to use it twice in the past week. It worked surprisingly well to bind the kofta, and also thickened the yoghurt sauce nicely. The only thing I would do differently is to make less sauce. I know that traditionally sauces were used to make the meal go further but we just...

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