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Old fashioned sponge pudding Dine in

I lived in France for a year between school and university. Food was important to me, even then, so I bought this blank journal in Italy specifically so I could ask my host mother to write her recipes down. I will post Isabelle’s crepe recipe another day. My parents brought my then 82 year old Grandma to France to visit so I asked Grandma if she could write in the book too. I am so glad I did because her beautiful handwriting is preserved and I can continue to cook her recipes for years to come. This recipe is a...

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Cinnamon scrolls Dine in

Whipping up a batch of these cinnamon scrolls made me feel like a rock star – they look super complicated (but they really aren’t) and they while they are baking they smell good enough to wake a sleeping giant. Mum used to make a version of these when we were kids, studded with walnuts and sticky with brown sugar. This recipe is from my favourite food blog/magazine Lucky Peach that is doing a series on home recipes called “We love Mom”. The recipe made enough for two batches so I froze the second mid rise for a rainy day. The frosting is...

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Green harissa chicken Dine in

I think I need to make a Buzzfeed style post – “The 10 best receipes for your cast iron casserole dish” because I am posting yet another recipe featuring my hard working cream pot. This meal is easy to make for a weeknight, and is even tastier if you allow the chicken to marinate overnight, which leaves next work for the next night (bonus!). I modified the recipe to only use one pot – more steps but less washing up. It makes it a delicious one pot meal, served with steamed greens or on a bed of baby spinach. Make...

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Chorizo pasta sauce Dine in

I love to make pasta on a Friday night because it is so easy and delicious. I’m pretty sure I can get a plate of pasta on the table faster than ordering and waiting for food to be delivered. I read somewhere that pasta and risotto are the Italian’s version of fast food because there are so many recipes that are easy to prepare and need only pantry or garden ingredients. This recipe needs a bit of thought because I don’t always have chorizo on hand, but it doesn’t take much time to make if you’re organised. I love this recipe because...

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Roast lamb and potatoes Dine in

I love recipes where I can do all (most of) the prep, chuck it in the oven and just let the oven do the rest. Recipes like this are even better on a Sunday! Everybody had seconds of this. The potato/anchovy combo made creamy deliciousness that partnered so well with roast lamb. The only thing I would change is my rotation of the lamb for the photo… but I was in such a hurry for Stu to carve it! Ingredients 1.6kg leg of lamb 5-6 potatoes (skin on) 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 4 anchovies (or more if you...

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