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Guilt free lemon and poppy seed cake Dine in

I love baking with butter… and sugar… and white flour. Pretty controversial! I’m sure the gluten/dairy/egg/sugar free concoctions taste OK and I get that some people have genuine allergies which need to be seriously considered. However, for the same reason I don’t call spiralized zucchini “pasta” (it’s grated zucchini) or cauliflower rice “rice” (it’s blitzed cauliflower) I don’t do baking without the good “bad” stuff. Food wasn’t always demonised and labelled and people weren’t always made to feel guilty for eating what they enjoy. When my parents were growing up you ate what you were given and what you were given was...

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Golden syrup self saucing pudding Dine in

The wind is roaring outside my window. Branches are whipping violently in the wind and the rain alternates between torrential and steady. At times the wind is so strong I can hear more than just the leaves moving and the house creaking. It’s a whistle followed by a long, slow grumble – the sound of a crotchety old man combined with the speed of a gazelle. It’s lovely to watch from inside my house… and I plan to remain safely ensconced for the rest of today. Winter has finally arrived and it’s my favourite time of year to cook. Casseroles cooking...

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Creamy pasta with yoghurt, peas and chilli Dine in

I returned home after being away for a week and Stu confidently informed me there wasn’t any food in the house. It was Sunday night and I didn’t feel like cooking anyway so we got takeaway. Monday night I arrived home from work to check out this “no food situation” and was astounded at the bounty in the fridge – a handful of mushrooms, half a bag of almost-past-it spinach, cream, bacon, eggs, parmesan… more than enough to make a delicious carbonara-ish dinner. I hate supermarkets, so after dinner I did my grocery shop online for delivery on Tuesday. However,...

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Chicken and chorizo burgers Dine in

I have been a bit of a tardy poster of late – work has been consuming most of the additional headspace I would ordinarily give to writing and cooking. Consequently, our meals have been created by my own “Ready, Steady, Cook” in the kitchen when I put together a meal from what I can gather from the fridge and freezer. Free style cooking without a recipe, a bit of creativity and maximum flavour. This is one of those dinners and it turned out surprisingly well! The burger patties were nice and moist and as any good week night recipe should, it came...

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Tartly sweet lemon meringue pie Dine in

I have made this pie twice now and it turned out perfectly both times. Actually, I just realised that the pie is so easy to make I was able to make it on a Friday night after work, with a g&t in hand in preparation for having people over for a Saturday lunch. That’s how good this recipe from Donna Hay is! The lemon curd tastes of lemon, which is how it should be. The cloud of Italian meringue on top balances out the lemon flavours and the butter crust is the perfect contrast. I enjoy making pastry and getting...

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