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Chorizo pasta sauce Dine in

I love to make pasta on a Friday night because it is so easy and delicious. I’m pretty sure I can get a plate of pasta on the table faster than ordering and waiting for food to be delivered. I read somewhere that pasta and risotto are the Italian’s version of fast food because there are so many recipes that are easy to prepare and need only pantry or garden ingredients. This recipe needs a bit of thought because I don’t always have chorizo on hand, but it doesn’t take much time to make if you’re organised. I love this recipe because...

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Sunday afternoon view Dine out

A friend was in town so I chose to go for Sunday lunch at the Coogee Pavilion Rooftop. The owners of this restaurant/bar, The Merivale Group, are big in Sydney and I had read a lot about the different spaces, style and feel of the place as well as the quality of the food so I had high expectations. We negotiated our way through the throngs of people on the lower level and made it to the safety of the stairs. The lower level was “buzzing” but it was far too busy for me to want to eat there. We climbed the...

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Breakfast which isn’t really breakfast Dine out

Some of our family were in town over the weekend and they were staying in the city so we met them at the Paramount Coffee Project for breakfast. It is in Surry Hills, walking distance from the city and set in the foyer space of Paramount House. It’s a lovely open cafe with soaring ceilings, concrete  floors and many different areas and seating options to suit their customers. They also have a variety of business which share the space. Last time we visited there was a bike shop, this time a bustling market stall with people leaving with calico bags overflowing...

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Wandering in The Rocks Dine out

The Rocks is a lovely part of Sydney to wander through the cobbled streets. I love to imagine what life was like for the settlers who lived here in the 1800s, the wealthy and the poor, all trying to eke out a living in this tough and foreign land. Mum and I visited the National Museum of Contemporary Art with the intention of seeing an artist Mum had encountered in France, but unfortunately the exhibition he is in does not start until later in April. After our stroll through the galleries, we needed to refuel on a dreary day so we...

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Hidden gem in Marrickville Dine out

Friends were in town last weekend, so it was an opportunity for us to brunch on Saturday morning. West Juliette in Marrickville is too cool to have signage, but you can tell there are delicious things coming from the kitchen and coffee machine when there is a queue at 10am in the morning. When we first moved to Sydney I refused to queue for food. However, I soon figured out that it’s just what you have to do for a great plate that is going to be as good or better than what I can cook at home. I take snacks (or eat...

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