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My imperfect, perfect tart Dine in

The recipe comes from my go to cookbook Plenty which I have written about before. The recipe in the book is amazing, but I need to modify it for more every day baking. The original recipe is special for two reasons. The first reason is because it is rich – buttery pastry, creme fraiche, double cream and about 200g of quality cheese. The second reason is because beautiful cheese is expensive, so it isn’t something you can make every day. Yottam uses both hard and soft goat cheese in his recipe which we bought at our local fromagerie, but I think you can substitute...

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Tartiflette Dine in

I lived in France for a year between school and university, and spent most of my year with a loving family who loved to cook, eat and hike so I had a wonderful time. We lived near the alps and my French mum Isabelle introduced me to the many varieties of cheese in la Savoie and their delicious uses. Cheese is expensive, even in France, but for special occasions a tartiflette is a real treat. The bacon on top was to appease Sir Stu, but I prefer it without and serve the cheesy potatoes with a simple green salad. Reblochon is hard to...

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