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Beef gratin with roasted cauliflower Dine in

Slow cooking in the oven is one of the easiest ways to cook and the extended time in the oven results in butter soft meat and complex flavours. This casserole is a winner and with only a few ingredients and minimal preparation, you can let your oven do most of the work. The red wine matters – I’m not suggesting you buy a $40 bottle to tip into your casserole but equally don’t think a cask of Stanley’s “red” wine will do the trick either. The wine will either flavour or ruin your dinner so if you would drink it...

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Gourmet beef casserole on Sunday Dine in

My Mum made this casserole regularly during winter when we were children. I have fond memories of the fall apartĀ beef, thick gravy and crusty on the top and soft on the bottom bread with a mustardy kick. I’m pretty sure the recipe is from Mum’s Joy of Cooking recipe book which is ancient, worn and slightly food splattered (the sign of a well used cook book – never trust one that doesn’t have food spots!). Stuart has grown very fond of this recipe too and it’s a great one to do for a crowd. You can “spin it out” as...

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